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Certain Trumpets

Certain Trumpets is dedicated to the delivery of justice for all. Certain Trumpets is a non-religious development minded organization working to promote justice by connecting and empowering communities. This is the call to action.

“For if the trumpet give an uncertain sound, who shall prepare himself to the battle?”

The Certain Trumpets name is derived from the ancient Hebrew and Christian text of I Colossians. Even though the context for this quote has religious ramifications for these two faiths, it is only the specific words seen here that bare relevance to our cause. These words embody much of what Certain Trumpets endeavors to be. Certain Trumpets endeavors to call humanity to action with a clear message:

A community committed to justice amplifies the ability of its individual members to determine their own destiny. A community comprised of individuals who enjoy the right to self-determination is a community most likely to rise to its full potential. A person who delivers justice to others necessarily improves the world for oneself.

We seek to identify specific injustices and threats to human rights while clearly stating implementable solutions supported with relevant data so as to maximize our potential as individuals and as a human community.

Please see our Human Rights Charter for a detailed definition of our philosophy.
What Can I Do? (the list)