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The Day Seven Bracelet for Haiti

A tragedy of the magnitude that befell Haiti on January 12 stays in the headlines for about six days. Once media attention falls off, the publicís interest and support follows. Day six has come and gone, but the struggle for millions of people in Haiti has just begun.

The red and blue beads represent the red and blue flag that flew over the Haitian capital on the day of the earthquake. Though it is only a short distance from the coast of Florida, most of us will never be able to stand on Haitian soil and help our neighbors with our own hands. Wearing these colors is a way to put our hands to work for the people of Haiti.

The funds raised by the Day Seven Bracelet will go to Haiti Outreach as they work to help in this desperate time. But this is about more than money. The Day Seven Bracelet helps keep our Haitian neighbors in our hearts and on our minds. It is a visible sign of our support for the Haitian people and a reminder for us to continue the work on their behalf. The bracelet is a call to action for those who wear it and for those that see it on our wrists. It is a simple way to encourage others to join the cause and keep this battle fresh in the minds of those with the power to make a difference.

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