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Host a Bracelet Making Event

At this time of great struggle for our neighbors the Day Seven Bracelet is a way for us to be involved in the relief effort. Help us connect with the people of Haiti. Host a bracelet making event. Get your friends together and help us make the Day Seven Bracelet. It's easy:
Step 1. Pick a time and place.
Step 2. Invite your friends and family.
Step 3. Order your bracelet kits and have fun.

Each bracelet is the work of those in our community. The Day Seven Bracelet is largely made at private events by concerned individuals and groups who want to take an active role in helping at this time of great need. The funds raised by the Day Seven Bracelet will go to Haiti Outreach as they continue the work for the Haitian people directly.

Order about one kit per 5 people ($25)

But this is about more than money. The Day Seven Bracelet is a visible sign of our support for the Haiti people and a physical reminder for us to continue the work on their behalf. The bracelet is a call to action for those who wear it and for those that see it on our wrists. It is a way to keep this battle fresh in the minds of those with the power to make a difference. Be the call. Answer the call.

Every bracelet you make allows us to add one more voice to the call.

A contribution of $25 will allow us to ship you the supplies necessary to make 25 bracelets. Following your event please give each person who came to help a bracelet to wear. Then use the pre-paid shipping package to return the remaining bracelets to Certain Trumpets so that we can distribute them out to our donors.

Each kit of 25 should keep 5 people busy for an hour and a half. Order as many kits as you think you will need for your party.

We will ship your bracelet-making kit for five people as soon as we can (orders typically take about a week).

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