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Make Your Own Day Seven Bracelet

Remember, you can also host a bracelet making event with enough supplies to make 25 bracelets for just $25.

To make your own bracelet you will need:
14 inches (36cm) of brown 2mm waxed cotton cord
16 inches (40cm) of brown 1mm waxed cotton cord
1 small red bead (make sure the hole is large enough for the 2mm cord)
1 small blue bead


Creating the Slide Knot

1) Create the overlapping loop of the main bracelet band with the 2mm cotton waxed cord.

2) Tie the thinner 1mm cord around the overlapping ends of the cotton cord using a simple knot. This should be a tight knot, but not so tight that the larger cord canít slide back and forth through the knot with some effort. Make sure to leave an equal amount of thin cord left over on each side of the knot.

3) Using the thin cord on one side of the knot, loop it under the bracelet band. This piece of the thin cord is piece A and it will always cross UNDER the bracelet band. Now both ends of the thin cord are on the same side of the knot. There should also be a loop of piece A remaining on the other side of the bracelet band.

4) Using the non-looped piece of the thin cord (piece B), slip it underneath piece A.

5) Now, cross piece B over the bracelet band. Piece B will always cross OVER the bracelet band.

6) Drop the end of piece B through the loop created by piece A.

7) Pull the knot tight and repeat steps 3 through 6 remembering that cord piece A will always pass underneath the bracelet band and piece B will always cross over it. See step 8.

8) The next loop that piece A creates (step 3) should be on the opposite side from the last loop that piece A made.

9) Repeat steps 3 through 6 about 15 times to make a good size sliding knot.

Adding the Beads

10) Slip a red bead onto one of the ends of the bracelet band cord.

11) Tie a simple knot close to the end of this cord to trap the bead between the knot at the end of the bracelet cord and the sliding knot. Hint: If you need a bit more bracelet band cord to work with, pull some through the sliding knot. You can always adjust it back when youíre finished.

12) Slip a blue bead onto the other end of the bracelet band cord and tie a similar knot to trap the blue bead.


13) Trim the remaining cord from the sliding knot, but be sure to leave a couple millimeters here to keep the sliding knot from unraveling.

14) Add just a dab of glue to each side of the sliding knot just where the two cut ends of the thin cord emerge from the sliding not. This will help prevent the sliding knot from unraveling.

Caring for the Day Seven Bracelet
Water will shrink the size of your bracelet. The waxed cotton cord used to make the Day Seven Bracelet will expand the longer you wear it. It will get thicker, which in effect will also shrink the size of the bracelet slightly. This makes the knots tighter and more secure.

For smaller wrists please be aware that the loose bracelet ends (where the beads hang) can catch on other objects and restrict movement. You can reduce the length of these ends by cutting the knot from ONE end and tying a new knot in its place. It is not recommended that you trim both knots at the same time as this process can dramatically reduce the size of the bracelet even to a point where it may no longer fit your wrist.

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