Answer the call

The Day Seven Bracelet

"What Can I Do?"

There is no getting around it. Money is desperately needed to help in the relief effort. If you can, please consider making a financial contribution to the cause. But money is not the only way to help.

The biggest thing you can do is to think about your actions. Almost everything you do has an impact on someone else. Just browsing the web has an impact. Many websites make money on advertising. The more people that visit that website (the more people that see that site’s ads), the more money they make. If a particular type of website generates a lot of clicks (and a lot of ad revenue), more sites like it will pop up. So, if you click on celebrity news, it’s like a vote for that type of content on the web. If you click on a news story about the devastation in Haiti, news agencies will notice the click and write more stories about Haiti. Think about how you “vote.” Visit sites like to help support this type of content.

Now that you’re thinking about all of your actions in a different way, here’s what else you can do:

Wear a Day Seven Bracelet.
Send a Day Seven Bracelet to your city council representatives (Let them know you support aid for Haiti).
Host bracelet making events (Invite your friends and family. Invite your mayor. Invite president Obama!)
Stay informed. Pay attention to news coming out of Haiti. The more you know, the more people you can influence. More people is the key!
Write letters to the editor or your favorite blogger. Let them know what their audience cares about.
Start your own blog.
Read Mountains Beyond Mountains, Half the Sky, Three Cups of Tea or any other book on development. Check out our recommended books here.
Volunteer for a local aid organization. (Find a place to volunteer at
Travel. Find an organization that takes groups into Haiti or another developing nation. Putting your feet on the ground in a country where the culture is very different from you own will CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Seeing humanity cannot help but make you more human. Vote.
Participate in state caucuses and primaries.
Run for local office. Many positions in local government are part-time (or at least pay for part-time work).
Run for national office.

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